According to the National Archives, 70° Fahrenheit is the preferred temperature that is optimal for the preservation of artifacts. It is the degree in which archival materials and exhibitions should be protected for long term conservation. As curators, we assist you craft your narrative. We offer archival, preservation, exhibition, editing & design services. Contact us to learn more about 70° services!


JENNIFER completed her M.A. in Public and Oral History at CSU, Fullerton. Her research focused on the WWII home front experiences and the postwar consumer society. She founded 70 Degrees to start, manage, and grow cultural institutions. As a historian and consultant, she crafts and contextualizes narrative for every project. She specializes in processing archives, digitization of collections, and curation of exhibition using the best practices. She has a Certificate of Records Management Training Course Completion from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). She is currently establishing the Moulton Museum, which will open in 2021. She is an active member of the American Alliance of Museums. She uses content management systems (CMS) like Omeka to develop digital archives and disseminates information via online and physical exhibitions. She has a network of statewide and nationwide humanities alliances. As an digital historian, she maintains her training with Society of California Archivists, Foundation for Advancement in Conservation, and Image Permanence Institute. She is a member and conference presenter of the California Council for the Social Studies which supports K-16 educators statewide.

Keil serves as the President for the Southwest Oral History Association. She has been on their board since 2015 and created their news blog with social media accounts. Keil has served on Oral History Association conference and award committees since 2016. She is a member of the OHA Archives Interest Group. She instituted a Korean Pioneers oral history project for the Korean Consulate’s office in Los Angeles in 2919. She created an oral history collection at the Balboa Island Museum in 2014, where she was the director. Jennifer is the Oral Historian and website designer for the Laguna Woods History Center. Currently she is collaborating with UCI on the Puertas y Ventanas con Corazón site and upcoming publication. She is a board member of the Museum of Cosmetic History. As a writer and editor, her work has been featured in scholarly publications like the CSUF Welebaethan and national conferences. Jennifer serves on the CSUF Department of History Alumni Advisory Council. She has been a keynote speaker, radio show guest, university lecturer, and published author. Jennifer’s passion for digital history evolved from an interest in computers since the age of three with her dad who was a computer programmer. Her college coursework in computer and information science has enabled her to enhance organization’s technological portfolios. Jennifer has been a Graphic and Web Designer since 2006 when she started a design firm in Scottsdale, AZ. She offers custom digital marketing services which include WordPress web design with SEO, UX, and Google Analytics. She is active with Creative Mornings OC chapter.

CINDY earned an M.A. in English. She specialized in creative writing during her undergraduate studies at UC, Irvine. Her research interests include communities and objects. She is currently working on an ongoing community oral history project. She serves at the California Delegate of the Southwest Oral History Association. As an editor, she uses her literary training to improve popular, trade, and scholarly work. Cindy has managed marketing campaigns for corporate to non-profit entities, including writing and editing press releases. She also submits her creative writing pieces to publications. Cindy is an Archivist for the Moulton Family Foundation. She is an Editor for the Laguna Woods History Center.


Kurtis Stange is the dynamic Archive Researcher who support our community projects. He received his bachelors degree in history. Kurtis specializes in digitization and collection management using Omeka with DACS principles. Currently, he is contributing to the Moulton Family Foundation archive. He has been trained with oral history methodology by having attended the CSUF Center for Oral History and Public History workshop.


Breanna Hale is an entrepreneurship enthusiast with a passion for marketing and sales. With a BA in Communications from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA from UC Irvine, she leverages knowledge of persuasion, influence, and communication to build strategic plans for companies of all sizes and industries. Hale managed the ANTrepreneur Center at UCI, assisting students, faculty, staff, and alums in starting and growing their business ventures. An involved member of the OC entrepreneurial community, Breanna Hale serves as the Executive Director of Tech Coast Venture Network, a membership based educational and networking group for entrepreneurs. Breanna Hale is adjunct professor with Irvine Valley College, teaching college classes in business and entrepreneurship at IVC and Beckman High School. Additionally, she is launching a line of TSA compliant travel beauty products called AirPretty, to help female airline passengers feel and look fresh and beautiful when they travel. Passions outside of the office include: animals, wine, travel, dancing, and time with family.

Sara Long graduated with her BA in history and minor in anthropology from California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), in 2015. She served as an editor for the 2014 and 2015 Welebaethan editions. As a graduate student, Long participated in the Cultural and Public History Association and worked as the Member-at- Large in Phi Alpha Theta, Theta-Pi chapter. In fall 2013, she began helping with collections management and conservation projects at Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch and Gardens in Long Beach, California. Long began managing a team of volunteers at the museum in the spring of 2015 to take inventory of all artifacts within the Ranch House attic in preparation for seismic renovation. The project included a conservation report as well. In the summer of 2016, Long began working as a Conservation Assistant for Griswold Conservation Associates, LLC. She helped with the treatment of a marquetry mural by Anthony Heinsbergen that remains located in the East Bakersfield High School Auditorium and she also assisted with the Bow Wave Fountain Sculpture in front of City Hall for the City of San Diego. Long graduated with her MA in history in 2017. She aspires to continue developing her history, chemistry, and studio art skills in a doctoral art conservation program. She is the founder of the Museum of Cosmetic History.

Chris McCluney received his BA in history at UC Irvine. He is pursuing an MA in archival science. He has worked with OC Parks, Bowers Museum, and Sherman Gardens and Library. He provides fundamental digitization techniques. He has been contributing to the 70 Degrees portfolio of projects since 2017. In particular, he has spent extensive time with the Moulton Family Foundation archive collections. He has a swift processing time and ensures accuracy with every record.

Bruce Wilson is driving the development of Product Marketing, Product Management, Partner/Alliance strategy since October 2018. With a BS Finance degree with a history minor from Virginia Tech, he provides go-to-market strategies. He executes for start-up leveraging content services technology to provide an end-to-end curation, preservation, archiving, and display service. This is the solution for private historical family collections, city, and local organization collections as well as company history displays. Bruce coined it HaaS (History as a Service). He is an innovation adviser at UCI Applied Innovation and CSUF Entrepreneur programs.