Balboa Island Museum

Watch Jennifer’s interview at the Museum Director for Visit Newport Beach at 01:17 to 03:31 for the history of Balboa Island.

In January 2014, graduate students Jennifer Keil (M.A. in Oral and Public History) and Cindy Keil (M.A. in English) instituted the “Over the Bridge” Oral History Project. This project was featured in the museum’s newsletter. They interviewed long-term residents and integral leaders of this community. Four highlight reels were created to engage visitors at the oral history station. They are the following: Over the Bridge, Holiday Memories, Jolly Roger Memories, Celebrity Encounters.

The poster (above) was presented at the 2016 SOHA session at the Center for Oral and Public History at CSUF. Cindy and Jennifer presented, “Over the Bridge: Creating a Sustainable Oral History Program” at the Southwest Oral History Association conference in March 2015. The following videos are media links to the interviews.