70 Degrees is an experienced team that specializes in providing exceptional services to manage social media accounts and create top-notch newsletters. Our vast knowledge and experience have allowed us to efficiently handle social media management for prestigious organizations like the Moulton Museum, Balboa Island Museum, Laguna Woods History Center, and Southwest Oral History Association. With our intuitive social media manager systems, we can streamline social media posting, reduce the need for additional staff and schedule messages in advance, allowing you to focus on more important business tasks. With years of experience designing websites, creating publications and organizing community events, we guarantee superior editing, web and graphic design services that will elevate your business to the next level. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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Graphic Design

We created our 70 Degrees logo with simple Times New Roman type font due to its universal usage. We follow best practices in the archival and exhibition communities. This font is often suggested for exhibition text due to its readability and long-term archival quality in digital files.

70 Degrees uses their technical background to partner with corporate and non-profit organizations. As web developers and designers, they utilize Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign) software with the Adobe digital color wheel to design custom, innovative pieces. As a team, they create strategic marketing campaigns. The Keils have over a decade of design experience. They have taken college level computer science, graphic design courses, and online continuing education classes. They are proficient in HTML, CSS, and other computer programming languages. They use WordPress to create dynamic websites with UX, SEO, and Google Analytics. They have used graphic, web design, and social media skills to enhance organizations’ visibility in the community. Their boutique design firm offers in person training so that the client can own and manage portions of their own site. They provide continued security and monthly backups to ensure the overall security of the site. These files are provide to the client with the monthly service fee. 70 Degrees provides site analytics via Google Developer.

The Keils are the designers of the Laguna Woods History Center (LWHC) website. They refreshed the look and created an easy-of-use to navigate this community’s online hub. The collections are digitally accessible through the site. They helped the LWHC create a social media presence and extend their community online.

70 Degrees creates a complete marketing plan for your organization with a branding guide. They offer all service marketing campaigns from logo design, web development, e-commerce (Shopify/Square), social media, and e-mail marketing campaigns (MailChimp or Constant Contact). The team enjoys designing your newsletters, flyers, and social media campaigns.

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