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Bob Ross had thirty-one seasons of The Joy of Painting. He created three works of art each show to demonstrate the process. This instructional, public television show from 1983 to 1994 has inspired individuals to explore fine arts. Each live broadcast has been archived on YouTube where you can watch these classic episodes.

The revival of the art icon has been growing since his shows have been streaming to new audiences. A new film on Bob Ross will premiere on Netflix on August 25. The limited art acquisition of his collection is explained in this YouTube film by the New York Times. Visit Bob Ross, Inc. to learn how to paint like he did.

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In 2021, Connor Rothschild published a digital gallery. It analyzed and sorted Bob’s work by use of paint colors. This data set sample is shown below. The project was built with Svelte, Svelte StarterD3, and Scrollama. Unfortunately, the original GitHub gallery site is unavailable due to a licensing issue from Bob Ross Inc. 

You can view a glimpse of this data project on Connor Rothschild‘s Twitter account. There were 403 pieces in total of which 381 were created by Bob Ross in this data set.

His work is now at the Smithsonian Museum where you can enjoy the recreated studio and even enroll in one of the workshop classes.

Visitors can interact with a number of the artifacts on view at the Smithsonian Museum.

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