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Bower’s Museum

The Bower’s Museum in Santa Ana premiered Guo Pei: Couture Beyond. It will be open from March 9 – July 21, 2019. This exhibit has included a variety of public programs.

Each garment that is a piece of art with incredible details. Guo Pei’s style is majestic and she uses many natural materials. You can view the gallery guide to see item details. The installation process was extensive, as shown with the timelapse film. Some garments weigh over eighty pounds.

The scale of these items is stunning. You will feel the sense of a haute couture show with engaging music and video footage strategically placed behind some of the dresses. It feels like you are witnessing a live show.

Guo Pei 郭培 Metallic fabric and silk gown with embroidery and crystals. 金屬面料真絲禮服,飾有刺繡配飾和水晶

“This exhibition showcases the iconic work of world renowned couturière designer Guo Pei. Featuring more than 40 breathtaking pieces from her most bold runway shows, the masterpieces on view underline the artist’s impact on the fashion world and beyond. For over 20 years Guo Pei has been dressing celebrities, royalty and politicians from around the globe who turn to her for show-stopping creations. Guo Pei: Couture Beyond is organized by the Bowers Museum in collaboration with Guo Pei’s Rose Studios, SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film and SCAD: The University for Creative Careers.”

Guo Pei 郭培 Blue gown with silk and tulle fabric, embroidered with silver-spun thread, pearls and Swarovski crystals. 藍色真絲薄紗長袍,銀紡線刺繡,飾有珍珠和施華洛世奇水晶

Encounter: Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Guo Pei 郭培

Sequin fabric dress embroidered with Swarovski crystals and hand-made metal flowers. 亮片面料長裙,綴有手工金屬花朵和施華洛世奇水晶

Guo Pei 郭培

Beaded organza gown with Swarovski crystals. 歐根紗珠飾禮服,飾有施華洛世奇水晶

Guo Pei 郭培

Silk gown embroidered with gold-spun thread and fox fur. 金紡線刺繡真絲禮服,飾有狐狸皮毛

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