Field Notes

Curating 1874

We love the etymology of museum terms! 

We are curating 1874: Into the West at the Moulton Museum. Join us at the Moulton Ranch Center where we will be opening the Moulton Museum! We will be showcasing our exhibition “1874: Into the West” film with tours of our new museum. We are featuring the Wells Fargo Museum collection along with turn-of-the-century inventions. Our partners include Bowers Museum, Chapman University, University of California, Irvine, Dana Point Historical Society, Laguna Woods History Center, Saddleback Area Historical Society, San Juan Capistrano Historical Society,  Sherman Library and Gardens, First American Title Company and Festival of Arts collections.

Follow our journey to opening @moultonmuseum on September 3rd, 2022. RSVP today! Read our August 2022 newsletter for more details.

Stagecoach image courtesy of First American Title Company

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