Field Notes

Huntington Library & Gardens

The Mapel Orientation Gallery has a fantastic film on loop that details the Huntington story. You’ll be greeted by friendly docents and staff who will answer any questions about the site. We recommend you plan on visiting the site for at least several hours to see the spectacular galleries and gardens.

The Rose Garden is currently in full bloom. It is a visual and fragrant experience not to miss during a spring day. They have an array of variations which include “Bewitched,” “Lagerfeld,” “Givenchy,” and “French Perfume.”

We recommend the experiencing the serene Japanese Garden. It is part of the 120 acres of botanical displays. You will want to spend time relaxing and meditating in such spaces.

The elegant European Art gallery is contained in a 55,000 square feet estate with period furniture. Henry and Arabella Huntington resided in this vast household.

It is adorned by some more modern fixtures such as this electric chandelier that replaced a candelabra. There is an elaborate library with part of Henry’s rare book collection.

The Thornton Portrait Gallery contains some of the most fine pieces in the collection. You will admire the larger than life portraiture. You may want to plan your visit during a conservationist’s dream experience offered in September. “The exhibition ‘Project Blue Boy’ will open at The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens on Sept. 22, 2018, offering visitors a glimpse into the technical processes of a senior conservator working on the famous painting as well as background on its history, mysteries, and artistic virtues. One of the most iconic paintings in British and American history, The Blue Boy, made around 1770 by English painter Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788), is undergoing its first major conservation treatment. Home to the work since its acquisition by founder Henry E. Huntington in 1921, The Huntington will conduct some of the project in public view, as part of a year-long educational exhibition that runs through Sept. 30, 2019.” Read more here:

George Stubbs’ Zebra was recently exhibited on loan in the European Art Gallery. You can view the current and upcoming exhibition schedule here.

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