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SFO Museum

What does one do when one flies domestically or internationally from San Francisco Airport? We suggest that you spend time at the SFO Museum which is exhibited at the International Main Hall and Terminals. These spaces are designed for you to explore historic themes that resonate throughout the ages.

Currently, they are showing the following exhibits:

International Main Hall
A1: Reflections in Wood: Surfboards and Shapers Pre-Security | Level 3, Departures
A2: The Intriguing World of Insects Pre-Security | Level 3, Departures
G1: Reflections in Wood: Surfboards and Shapers Pre-Security | Level 3, Departures
G2: The Style of Display: Victorian Pedestals Pre-Security | Level 3, Departures
G3: VIDEO ARTS Pre-Security | Level 3, Departures
AML: All Current Exhibitions Pre-Security | Level 3, Departures

Terminal 1
B3: Vanessa Marsh | The Sun Beneath the Sky Post-Security | Level 2, Departures
C4: Jock McDonald: The Light of Water Pre-Security | Level 2, Departures
C5: Greenleaf TK-8: Social Justice Posters Pre-Security | Level 1, Arrivals

Terminal 2
D1: Clarissa Bonet: City Space Pre-Security | Level 2, Departures
D12: Down-Home Music: The Story of Arhoolie Records Post-Security | Level 2, Departures

Terminal 3
E5: David Shannon-Lier: Of Heaven and Earth Pre-Security | Level 2, Departures
F2: The Modern Consumer — 1950s Products and Style Post-Security | Level 2, Departures
F3: Keliy Anderson-Staley: [hyphen] Americans Post-Security | Level 2, Departures
F4: Kids’ Spot II Post-Security | Level 2, Departures
F5: Airplane Models from the Goosedale Collection, 1915-1950
Post-Security | Level 2, Departures
F9: Masterworks by Edward Chavez: The Nut Tree Restaurant and Airfield Model Aircraft Collection Pre-Security | Level 1, Arrivals
F11: Philip Cheung: The Central Pacific Pre-Security | Level 2, Departures
F12: Our Land: Photographs by Students of the Urban School of San Francisco Pre-Security | Level 1, Arrivals

We personally spent extended time at The Modern Consumer: 1950s Products and Style. You will find that they are displaying interesting artifacts and ephemera that showcase this age in consumer buying practices well documented in Lizabeth Cohen’s A Consumers’ Republic: The Politics of Mass Consumption in Postwar. Cohen evidenced how purchasing habits signified nationalism.

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