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Women’s History Exhibits

Happy International Women’s Day! In March we celebrate the many contributions women have made to history.

The Smithsonian Museum’s online women’s history exhibits are incredible. We particularly recommend the Museum Objects, Oral Histories, and Podcasts. Viewing and listening to these online materials will remind us of the work that generations prior to us did.

View the Because of Her Story collection designed “to create a more equitable and just American society, the Smithsonian American Women’s History Initiative will create, disseminate, and amplify the historical record of the accomplishments of American women.”

It’s important to remember the enduring legacies of female leadership. One exhibit in particular, The Creating Icons: How We Remember Woman Suffrage pays homage to the leaders of the movement.

The National Women’s History Museum offers online exhibits. Some of the featured exhibits are Getting with the Program which acknowledges the legacy of females who computed for the WWII efforts:


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