Field Notes

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum displays informative exhibitions about coastal history which include light houses, yacht clubs, and sea voyages. You will enjoy the interactive learning stations which explore many themes including the historic meaning of prominent designs and sailor tattoos. Richard Henry Dana is honored with his California voyage that brought him into the… Read More Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

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Laguna Art Museum

Near downtown Laguna Beach, you will find the Laguna Art Museum. Initially founded as an art association one hundred years ago, this institution is a gathering place to view local and nationally acclaimed artists’ work. They offer docent led tours, public programs, and events for all ages. The en plein air movement was locally founded… Read More Laguna Art Museum

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Monterey, CA

We love exploring Steinbeck’s Monterey, CA. His literary masterpiece, Cannery Row, often refers to historic sites and characters based on real individuals. The novel opens with incredible details of Steinbeck’s community. The first sentences begin with descriptive language regarding scent and sound about the scenery. “Cannery Row in Monterey in California is a poem, a… Read More Monterey, CA

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Bower’s Museum

The Bower’s Museum in Santa Ana premiered Guo Pei: Couture Beyond. It will be open from March 9 – July 21, 2019. This exhibit has included a variety of public programs. Each garment that is a piece of art with incredible details. Guo Pei’s style is majestic and she uses many natural materials. You can… Read More Bower’s Museum


Naming Laguna Beach

“Naming Laguna Beach” by Jane Janz is a fantastic beachside read from @lagunabeachbooks. It features archival materials and an art piece from @lagunaartmuseum. Joseph Kleitsch’s “The Old Post Office” captures quintessential Laguna. It is part of the museum’s permanent collection. The 1936 South Coast News states that, “usually everything is dated from the Isch Grocery… Read More Naming Laguna Beach

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SFO Museum

What does one do when one flies domestically or internationally from San Francisco Airport? We suggest that you spend time at the SFO Museum which is exhibited at the International Main Hall and Terminals. These spaces are designed for you to explore historic themes that resonate throughout the ages. Currently, they are showing the following… Read More SFO Museum