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Your Place in the Multiverse: Jean Lowe

Step into an artist’s world which is staged from familiar, commercial storefronts to grandiose household décor. Jean Lowe uses primarily craft materials including papier-mâché to transform this gallery into an immersive experience. Lowe’s work has been created over the last twenty years. While visiting, make sure to watch the gallery film featuring Lowe’s portrayal of… Read More Your Place in the Multiverse: Jean Lowe

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Catalina Museum

Permanent Exhibit Step back in time to Avalon’s historical founding period detailing the development by the Wrigley Family. The permanent exhibit display explains the development of this island. Hollywood legends used to live here and frequent it. Titanic We viewed the Titanic exhibit the final weekend prior to closing with the principal artifact collector, Tony… Read More Catalina Museum

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Bunkhouse BBQ

President of Moulton Museum and CEO of Moulton Company, Jared Mathis, left, is joined by Aliso Viejo Mayor Pro Tem, Ross Chun, center, and Council Member Richard Hurt, right, during the First Annual Bunkhouse BBQ at the Aliso Viejo Ranch on Wednesday, August 25th, 2021. The hosts of the event, the Moulton Museum, held the… Read More Bunkhouse BBQ